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About Bio Cryo™

Regen Suppliers LLC is the exclusive USA distributor for the Bio CryoTM freezer. By incorporating the latest environmentally friendly technology, the portable cryogenic freezers are able to reliably achieve -80C temperatures or lower to maintain viability of your vaccines, biologics or other tissue storage/transport needs. What has been our goal with the Bio CryoTM ultra low temperature freezer? To bring a reliable, lightweight and COST EFFECTIVE option to those in need of a convenient cryogenic freezer that can easily be transported between sites while maintaining preset temperatures.

Keeping this in mind, Regen Suppliers LLC developed the Bio Cryo™ to overcome ALL of these deficiencies. We listened to what customers wanted and went to the drawing board to come up with what is easily your best option. Our Bio Cryo™ freezer is easily $2-3k less than any other portable ULT freezer on the market too!

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Most cryogenic freezers have one

of these drawbacks


Extremely high due to Covid vaccines increasing demand, and suppliers have raised their pricing ridiculously.


Compressors are heavy which can break down, generate heat and add considerable weight and size.

Not Portable

No handles, too heavy and no portable power option.

Heavy and Bulky

Most freezers on the market are hundreds of pounds, super bulky and difficult to move at all.

To find out more about the Bio CryoTM portable cryogenic freezer, call Regen Suppliers today at
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Or if you are ready to purchase today for only $5495 (shipping included continental USA), visit our shop HERE.