Covid 19 Vaccine Freezer

Covid 19 Vaccine Freezer ULT -86


Bio Cryo™

The Bio CryoTM Covid 19 Vaccine cold storage freezer is a fantastic option that is medical grade and portable. The latest vaccines need to be stored at -80 degrees, and optimally a freezer should be portable so the vaccines can safely be transported to multiple administration facilities.


Over 1000 vaccine vials can be safely stored in the Bio Cryo ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer. You can easily attach a continuous temperature probe into the freezer with an alarm should the temperature ever rise. This may occur if the building power were to go out at night, or let’s say a cleaning crew were to accidentally unplug it.


At under 50 pounds, the Bio Cryo is easily transportable in a car or through a building. The operation is quiet and doesn’t generate a considerable amount of heat. You can plug it into a car’s power input as well!

With both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid 19 vaccines needing to be stored at ultra low temperature, a cryogenic freezer is your best option. That way, the vaccine will remain usable.


Most cryogenic freezers on the market are:

·      Bulky

·      Too large

·      Generate too much heat.

·      Not transportable.

·      Expensive


So the Bio Cryo was created to avoid these shortcomings. And here is how we did it.

·      Adjustable temperatures (-40 to -80C).

·      Small footprint – holds 25L.

·      Lightweight – only 50 lbs (22.7 kgs).

·      Compatible with USA and International Voltage (220/120).

·      Able to plug into vehicle charger.

·      Quiet operation, minimal heat generated.

·      Cost effective – only $5495.


The cost of the freezer is only $5495, which is thousands less than any competitor!

Ultra low temperature cold storage freezers are very helpful in many settings. This can include vaccine storage at -80 degrees Celsius. This may include pharmaceuticals or research materials.


It may also include stem cell biologics, exosomes, allograft tissue. Studies have shown that at -80 degrees Celsius, a ULT stem cell freezer will keep cells viable for years. Exosomes, which are a type of extracellular vesicle, also do great at -80 Celsius too.

Having a ULT cryogenic freezer on site will make it easy to have products or vaccines on hand so that procedures for patients can be readily performed. That way, you won’t have to order products every time they are needed. This will save on shipping fees too!


For providers who have several clinics, the option of being able to transport the freezer easily is an excellent feature. This may include regenerative medicine clinics, vaccine centers or research clinical trial sites.


The exclusive distributor of the Bio Cryo ULT cryogenic freezer is Regen Suppliers. For more information on the portable, cryogenic freezers, please contact us at or call (888) 568-6909.

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Most cryogenic freezers have one

of these drawbacks


Extremely high due to Covid vaccines increasing demand, and suppliers have raised their pricing ridiculously.


Compressors are heavy which can break down, generate heat and add considerable weight and size.

Not Portable

No handles, too heavy and no portable power option.

Heavy and Bulky

Most freezers on the market are hundreds of pounds, super bulky and difficult to move at all.

To find out more about the Bio CryoTM portable cryogenic Covid 19 Vaccine freezer, call Regen Suppliers today at
(888) 568-6909

Or if you are ready to purchase today for only $5495 (shipping included continental USA), visit our shop HERE.